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65100 UVC Keyboard Sanitizer

QRS Keyboard Sanitizer kills 99.9% of all keyboard viruses, spores and airborne bacteria.

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  • QRS UV Keyboard Sanitizer will kill 99.9% of all virus, airborne bacteria and mold spores that can attach to your keyboard.
  • The light will get into places wipes will not.
  • Place it on the keyboard, plug it in,  start the timer and let it do its thing.
  • Touch power and bulbs come on for 5 min.
  • Safety switch will shut off light if removed from keyboard.
  • Built so no harmful light escapes  
  • 90 day warranty


It uses Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength - 185-254 nanometers - renders the organisms sterile. When organisms can no longer reproduce, they die.
Its germicidal UVC lamps kill up to 99.9% of most viruses, airborne bacteria and mold spores.
Our product uses UVC 254nm for optimum disinfecting.
Our product filters the unwanted UVC 185 (UVC Vacuum) so it does not produce harmful Ozone.
By design close surface proximity allows for faster immobilization of bacteria and viruses.
Sterilizes between the keys where cloths cannot reach, and liquids are not desirable.
Built in timer takes guess work out of proper cycle time with single button press.
10 min total disinfecting cycle for entire keyboard.
Its convenient size covers over 50% of the keyboard in one application of 5 minutes.
LED display shows timer setting.
120 VAC power entry allows for detachable power cord. Safety shutoff prevents direct eye contact with UVC radiation.
Safe enclosure is design to prevent direct contact with UVC radiation via smart designed case with shields and gasket.


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